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We are professionals in BLACK MONEY CLEANING


We serve the following industries security and financial industries, as our company is still growing we do cater for individuals and small companies please note that some products need special licensing.

Black Coated Money (black Dollar)

We do testing of black coated money, stained bank notes in any currency, deformed cash and we do a quality check. We also sell self-test kits upon placing a successful order we may relay a self-test kit, but we recommend site testing where a technician comes through to test it with you and direct you on how to get the best result and on safety standards.

Test Kit


Test kit consists of sample amounts of each chemical and a reference chart that shows the state of the black coated money and the recommended chemical mixture. It is designed to be user-friendly and easy to understand.

It is ideal to test and clean bank stained notes and black coated notes or what its often called black dollar, be it euros or other currency.

If you want to know how to clean black dollar, this is a perfect start an answer.

SSD Solution can be found in three different forms SSD Solution, SSD Supreme Solution, SSD Info Prizo Lab Solution. Where Solution has to be mixed with various chemical compounds depending on the result sort, SSD Supreme Solution contains Vectrol Paste and humane powder, in the event you mix the chemicals it will cause combustion or flame, at times explosions so carefully follow the instruction that comes with the chemical in question.

SSD Info Prizo Lab Solution contains castor and humane powder. AS mentioned depending on the result sort you may use SSD solution separately as it turns out cheaper or uses the Info Prizo Lab solution as a safer reliable alternative.

We also specialize in the sourcing and supply of an extensive portfolio of specialty and general SSD chemicals used in a diverse range of industrial applications such as carrying out commercial monetary cleaning transaction most quickly and beneficially. With a global warehouse network, we can guarantee minimum lead times and reliable delivery. We have Experienced and dedicated technicians that can offer a wealth of knowledge, advice, and support to assist you in making the right decisions about your stain, brown or black defaced currencies.

With close, longstanding supplier relationships, we can offer our customers a fast and efficient service. We appreciate the importance of delivering on time and budget. This approach has led to the development of a business that is active today across four continents.

We are committed to providing the businesses and people we serve with exceptional products at great prices along with reliable and valuable service. We will respond quickly to our client's needs and work with them to develop products and processes that meet their current and future needs. We will strive to be easy to do business with and to be a valuable partner that helps our clients be more successful in their business endeavors.